Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Primary Elections Today: IN, NC, OH

Today is Election Day in IN, NC and OH. There are some contested primaries, others are easy walks, others with a clear advantage. Let's break them down one by one.


On the GOP side, the little polling that has been released for the Indiana race shows a double-digit advantage for former Senator Dan Coats. Hostettler and Stutzman have shown no momentum in polling.

On the Dem side, Brad Ellsworth is the expected nominee for US Senate.


On the GOP side, Rob Portman is the expected nominee for US Senate.

On the Dem side, the polling shows a consistent double-digit advantage for Lee Fisher. Jennifer Brunner, who was running neck and neck with Fisher last year, has seen any momentum fall flat.


On the GOP side, Senator Richard Burr is the expected nominee.

On the Dem side, Elaine Marshall has polled ahead of Cal Cunningham by single digits. We expect her to win the nomination, unless the mostly undecided electorate decides to overwhelmingly support her opponent.


On the GOP side, John Kasich is the expected nominee.

On the Dem side, Governor Ted Strickland is the expected nominee, as he runs for re-election.


TX Longhorn said...

Good synopsis. We'll see how it goes tonite.

Tatyana said...

omg i hate elaine marshall. anyone but her.