Friday, March 12, 2010

San Fran Nan Pelosi & President Zero Sending Congressional Democrats Off To "Slaughter?"

Louise Slaughter, that is. Current House Rules Chairwench from the state of New York. (What is in the water that NY Democrats have been drinking lately?) Although I'm not an attorney at law, I do play one on the blogosphere occasionally. But I'm willing to clear the field for a more brilliant legal mind to explain the latest, and most desperate tactic used by House Squeaker Nancy Pelosi (D - Botox) to legislate - errr, jam down the throat of the American public - Democrats' long never-due health care overhaul. AZDB's short explanation: the "Slaughter Solution," as proponents call it, allows the House to consider the Senate bill passed into law without having been voted on by the House itself. Then the icky parts Congressional Dems don't like can be fixed via reconciliation maneuvers with the Senate. Or something like that. All hail radio host and President of the Landmark Legal Foundation, Mark Levin, who puts the issue in proper constitutional perspective (Attention please to at least the first 16 minutes of this audio clip):

Now the only question is, from a midterm-election standpoint, what will the professional handicappers set as the over/under for the number of House seats DemocRATS stand to lose should this "Slaughter House Jive" be enacted via Chicago-Way chicanery, and President Obama's "Trillion Dollar Baby" monstrosity passes by super-constitutional means. AZDB will take a free shot at it and say 72 - one Dem seat for every hour the public was to be allowed to review the health care reform package online before a House vote. (One more promise broken by the Most Ethical Congress in History.) The resulting carnage would make the 1994 midterm "Revolution" look like a happy memory in the history of the Donkey Party by comparison. Yours truly plans on investing in pitchfork stocks prior to November.




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they slaughtered the constitution alright

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Sign me up! Where are the pitchforks at?

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