Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The 2010 Texas Governor Primary: It's On!


The only lingering question is: Will Rick Perry reach the necessary 50% to avoid a runoff in April, or will "Punxsutawney" Kay see her shadow and subject the Texas electorate to six more weeks of cringe-inducing ads over the airwaves?
And by the way, someone named Debra Medina is the spare dick at this party, hoping to stay relevant for any future aspirations. She's the only reason this primary may go to runoff. Thanks, Deb. Please pick up your "We Still Have Unanswered Questions About 9/11" T-shirt on the way out.
Update: 9:30 pm TX time - 1st Qtr in the books & the score is Perry 52, KBH 31, Medina 17. Looks like that unless a twister carries away blocks of remaining Perry votes, Slick Rick is in the famed catbird seat, KBH is Texas toast, and Medina's 15 minutes are up. Don't want no runoff; don't need no runoff.
Update #2: 1:00 am TX time - It's all over but the cryin' with 95% counted. Perry 51, KBH 30, Funky Cold Medina 19. KBH apparently saw the handwriting on the wall and conceded early in the evening. Now that he's through with the appetizer, it's on to the main course for Slick Rick.



AzConservative said...

Here's hoping RP gets the 50% and moves on from the ultra annoying KBH and the flat-insane Medina..

Anonymous said...

Ask and ye shall receive, AZ.