Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Bimbette Chronicles: Chapter 1


.Hey look: I can rub my tummy...

This section is dedicated to the intelligent musings of the great junior senator from the Empire State, Kirsten Gillibrand (D - Valley Girl). Hereby proclaimed Senator Bimbette, she may or may not have been involved in the following interview. Names have been changed to protect the innocent (and smart).

.April 9, 2010 - New York Times reporter Dick Cumstein caught the esteemed senator on the D.C. train & asked her about the newly announced retirement of Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens:

Cumstein: Senator, how are you this morning? Could you share with me your thoughts on the retirement of John Paul Stevens?

Bimbette: Wasn't he the Pope for years and years? I thought he died 5 years ago.

Cumstein: No, Justice John Paul Stevens is who I'm talking about, not the late Pope John Paul the 2nd.

Bimbette: Oh yeah, I always get those two confused. Well, Stevens was pretty smart and will be missed. But I trust President Obama to carry on his legacy.

Cumstein: Senator, do you have a preference for who next gets admitted to the Court?

Bimbette: Well, are we talking the Capitol tennis court or the Obama basketball court? Like, whoever is next on the waiting list should be allowed to use the courts, right?

Cumstein: Senator Gillibrand, I think we'll leave it right there & pick it up on another day.




Anonymous said...

wow what a ditz

Anonymous said...

is pataki running?

Anonymous said...

Pataki is close to the Gillibrand family. That and he'd rather run for Prez. He'll probably defer.

Anonymous said...

So is it, or is it not an actual interview?