Thursday, April 1, 2010

KY-Sen Primary: Paul, Mongiardo Lead

Kentucky Senate (Republican Primary)

Rand Paul 41%
Trey Grayson 26%
Bill Johnson 3%
Undecided 30%

Paul +15%

Kentucky Senate (Democratic Primary)

Daniel Mongiardo 42%
Jack Conway 27%
Undecided 31%

Mongiardo +15%

Race News:
We take our first look at the Kentucky race and it's remarkable how similar both primaries are looking. Paul and Mongiardo both have 15 percent leads in a primary electorate that is still largely undecided: About 30 percent on both sides have not decided on their candidate.

However, it is clear in the polling trends that Paul and Mongiardo are shoring up support in their respective fields and are likely to face off in the general.

The primary election is next month, May 18.



Anonymous said...

Bill Johnson: Apparently he makes a better BBQ sauce than he does a U.S. Senate candidate.

Anonymous said...

The GOP primary will be another test of just how out of touch the party's establishment may prove to be. Mitch McConnell has backed former Dem & Clinton supporter Greyson.

Anonymous said...

FSHS - Are these two leads an average of polls to this point, or from a specific recent poll or just what?

Anonymous said...

i think it's using their local metric that takes into account all polling out there for the race.