Sunday, February 28, 2010

Charlie Crist: He Wonders Why He's Losing?

From The Shark Tank:

Question: How many more days until the Governor decides to end his quest for the Senate in order to spend more time at the Green Iguana ...err, with his family/wife of convenience?


4 comments: said...

The story isn't Crist and his leathered grill. The man was primary election toast (figuratively) the second he sided with the President on one issue.

The story here is Rubio and what appears to be a meteoric rise of Obamaesque/Palinesque proportions. Forget the Senator race which you can just about ink him in as the winner at this point. He is going to be on the '12 Veep shortlist followed by a presidential run in either '16 or '20 depending on how the chips fall. Boy has skills of the mad variety.

AZDB said...

Kev - I agree with what you say & I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Anonymous said...

Charlie crist is gay for obama. no joke

Anonymous said...

no shit. crist's "marriage" is to help him pursue higher office. unfortunately for him, rubio is crushing that dream and his "beard" is looking useless