Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Georgia Governor (Republican Primary)

Karen Handel 30%
Nathan Deal 19%
John Oxendine 17%
Eric Johnson 14%
Other 6%
Undecided 14%

Handel +11%

Race News:
What a race. The frontrunner John Oxendine has fallen to third place and likely won't make runoff. We predict Handel and Deal to make it to the runoff. Karen Handel received a "Mama Grizzly" endorsement from Palin, who demonstrated the same magic in her Nikki Haley endorsement in South Carolina. Her candidate here in Georgia, Karen Handel, has since surged in the polls and is now the clear frontrunner. The runoff will be another exciting race to watch.

The primary election is tomorrow, July 20. (Posting this at 2:50 AM PDT, so technically the election is today)

*All calculations are made from our in-house metric, which accurately predicted outcomes in all recent elections (NJ-Gov, VA-Gov, MA-Sen, TX-Gov Primary)


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