Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jackass of the Week

South Carolina DemocRAT Party.

Whatever's in the water from South Carolina lately, please don't take it beyond state lines. If you thought things couldn't get any crazier than the last month's game in the Republican Governor's primary of "Let's Destroy the Bitch," Democrats in the state have what might be a stranger story on their hands. The Donkeys went to the polls this past Tuesday to select their sacrificial lamb - err, nominee - to face off against popular 1st-term Senator Jim DeMint. The choice seemed easy on its face. The expected victor Vic Rawls, was a former judge and state legislator. His opponent in the primary was unemployed, 32-year-old Alvin Greene. What looked like a mismatch on paper was hardly such. Turns out both candidates had almost no name recognition. Greene's name was on the top of the Democratic ballot. Looks like many South Carolina Dems played eeny, meeny, miny, moe with their choice and Greene won comfortably. Too comfortably it turns out. Greene, who gave no campaign speeches, spent under $10K in his quest for the Senate, and appeared to lack command of political issues during post-primary interviews, may have benefited from irregularities in the counting. Per Hot Air:
An intriguing footnote from the Politico story about experts scrutinizing the ballots: “In Spartanburg County, Ludwig said there are 25 precincts in which Greene received more votes than were actually cast and 50 other precincts where votes appeared to be missing from the final count.” Did Greene rig the vote? He’s clearly a man with friends in high places!
Oh, and there's one other thing that makes the outcome and the dilemma Democrats have on their hands crazy: Mr. Greene, an African American, faces felony obscenity charges (which may actually be the best part of his qualifications for office, considering it is the DemocRAT Party we're dealing with here).
AZDB's unsolicited advice to state and national Democrats: punt this race and laugh it off as just one of those crazy things that just happens. Republican DeMint had won over twice as many primary votes as the two Democrats together. And no matter how much they spin the national results so far this primary season, no amount of "anti-incumbency environment" was gonna topple Jim DeMint in the fall. He could say the word "macaca" (Ask former Senator Allen from Virginia for its definition) 5,000 times until November and this race wouldn't be close. Don't make the issue into a bruhaha, keep Greene on the ballot, and lick your wounds on this one, Democrats. No need for shouts of "RACISM!" the more you keep digging. Still makes y'all look like Jackasses though.


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