Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Daily Kos Fires Their Pollster, Research 2000

Most in the right blogosphere will jump at the opportunity to celebrate the fall of Research 2000.

Research 2000 got about 80 percent of its business from leftist blog Daily Kos. Now that Kos has fired them, Research 2000 has lost the bulk of its business.

But is it entirely fair? I'll present you with the facts. You decide.

Research 2000 has indeed made the wrong calls in quite a few races this year.
1. MA-Sen: Showed a tie, Republican Brown won by 5 points.
2. PA-12: Called a 6 point win for Republican Burns. Burns lost by 8.
3. AL-Gov (Dem): Called a 3 point win for Democrat Davis. Primary challenger Sparks won by 24 points.
4. CA-Sen (GOP): Called a 15 point win for Campbell. Primary challenger Fiorina won by 34 points.
5. KY-Sen (Dem): Called a 3 point win for Mongiardo. Primary challenger Conway won by 1 point.
6. AR-Sen (Dem Runoff): Called a 4 point win for Halter. Primary challenger Blanche Lincoln won by 4 points.

But R2K has also nailed certain races.
1. They were the best pollster in Nevada's GOP Governor Primary.
2. They were the best pollster in Nevada's GOP Senate Primary.
3. Accurate call for PA's Dem Primary
4. Accurate call for HI's Special Election.
5. They also made accurate calls (but far off the margin) in KY's GOP Primary, AR's Dem Primary, etc.


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Tatyana said...

R2K needs to find some other clients or something.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant analysis, Tat. Have you already taken high school Economics or something?, 'cause that was deep.

Tatyana said...

If u got a problem wit me, come out and say it. expose urself, u coward! dont be hiding behind some "anonymous"

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Just having a little fun with the leangth & depth of your political analysis, Tat. Don't get in a twist...So, where are you and the 'rents going for summer vacation before Junior year starts?

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Martha's Vineyard

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Say hi to Teddy for me while you're there....Oh, wait...